Having diagnostic equipment is very important. Not only does it help optometrists gain a better understanding of a patients ocular health it also helps our patients have a more pleasant eye examination. Below are some of the diagnostic equipment we have on site.


The Topcon Auto-Phoropter allows us to check for refractive errors. It has a remote control which means we don't invade your personal space! For patients who have high degrees of astigmatism, the auto-phoropter allows for greater precision.



The Topcon 4-in-1 takes 4 different measurements from the one machine. It estimates your refraction which gives us a starting point to fine tune. It also measures corneal curvature which is necessary for fitting contact lenses and an overall status of the front surface of the eye. Finally it measures eye pressure and thickness of the front surface, both of which are vital in monitoring of glaucoma.


The Nidek Fundus Camera allows us to take a photo of the back of your eye. We do this on all patients for a baseline assessment. From the first, and subsequent photos, we can monitor any physical changes to the eye. We are able to detect damage to the eye due to poorly controlled diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.


One of the most complained about eye symptom is dryness. Eye drops aren't the only answer and depending on the cause of your dry eyes, the Thea Blephasteam might be able to help relive symptoms. It works by 'melting' the secretions in your oil glands.


The Zeiss visual field analyser allows us to measure and monitor changes to your visual field due to glaucoma. As glaucoma is a slow progressing disease repeat testing maybe required before properly diagnosing glaucoma. We recommend that those with a family history of glaucoma have regular eye examinations.


Have you been told that your eyes aren't suitable for contact lenses because you have astigmatism or that your script was too high? Our Medmont Topographer has the ability to take in depth measurements of the front surface of the eye. We are able to fit more complex contact lens cases as well as Ortho-K! Ortho-K has been proven to reduce myopia (shortsightedness) progression which then reduces the risk of certain eye conditions!

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