Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes is the biggest concern that our current patients raise with us. It is one of the most misunderstood problems of the eye. With Australia's hot and dry climate, it would be same to assume that all Australians have experienced dry eye to some degree. 

Have you ever had an irritated eye before, walked into a chemist, picked up a bottle of eye drops and only find it not to help alleviate your symptoms? This is because in order to treat dry eyes efficiently, you need to have had proper testing to diagnose what the cause of your dry eyes are. 

What Are Tears Made From?

It's important to understand what our tears are when discussing dry eyes. The tears in our eyes are responsible for transportation of minerals, clear vision, protection etc. It is made up of two layers - an oil based layer and an aqueous based layer. About 70% of dry eyes is caused by a deficiency in the oily layer. 

Which Eye Drops Can I Use?

Eye drops traditionally address one layer and not the other. There has been a new eye drop in the market which does address deficiencies in both layers. So if you aren't using the right eye drop you could be making your dry eye symptoms worse.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

There are many causes of dry eye. These include:

  • Dry and hot environments

  • Excessive air-conditioning

  • Computer and digital devices

  • Medications

  • Hormonal changes

  • Eye Surgeries

  • Autoimmune diseases

Are There Any Treatment Options?

Depending on your symptoms you may be suitable for meibomiam gland treatment. The meibomiam glands are responsible for the production of the oily based layer in our tears. At 6D Vision we have a dry eye treatment plan available in our practice. A full examination of your eyes will be done to test for suitability. We have the Thea Blephasteam - an instrument which heats up your meibomiam glands to an idea temperature. From here we can physically express your meimbomiam gland which help stimulate oil production.